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Pet of the Week
Coconut Struble
November 10 - November 16

Hello, my name is Coconut. I am a 9 year old West Highland White Terrier. I was named after the little white dog from the American Doll collection.
They say the “Westie” will not be ignored. This is very true of my breed. If my mom is working from home, I need to have her full attention. I pull at her leg and start to whine. “Look at me mom!” “Isn’t it time for a walk and a treat?” “Look how cute I am.” Sometimes it works.
Speaking of treats, my favorite treat is cheese. Cheese in any shape or form. Cheese, cheese and more cheese! Begging for cheese treats is probably my best trick. You’ll notice one of my pictures I’m begging for a treat on my hind legs. Mom and Casey think I’m pretty adorable when I do this and I usually get what I want when I turn on the cute.
My favorite place to visit is Nana and Pa’s house. They love to spoil me. I get lots of treats from them. When I can’t go to Nana’s, I enjoy playing with my friends Brittany and Carlie and my toy Foxy. Sometimes, I just enjoy barking at anything that moves outside, such as: a leaf, a squirrel,
a chipmunk, a cat, another dog... well, you get the idea.
I really love going for car rides, especially when the car brings me to a park. I go for long walks and just enjoy nature. If I’m in my yard, my Westie instincts kick in again and I dig under the fence. All the neighbors know who I am when I show up on their porch, “Oh, Coconut’s here again.”
After eating or going for a walk, nothing is more satisfying than rubbing my face off on mom’s​ comforter.