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Finnegan Kyle



Hello, my name is Finnegan.  I am a 12 year old Shiba Inu / Labrador Retriever mix.  Mom and dad named me Finn because they adopted me on St. Patrick’s Day.  I was a rescue pup from Sheryl’s Den.  

My parents think I’m cutest when they talk to me and I tilt my head.  What’s cuter than a big fuzzy teddy bear cocking his head at you when you say something, right? Actually, being cute is my special talent.
Mom and dad hardly ever get mad at me, I’m pretty close to perfect… except when I bark.  Sometimes I get a little carried away. If we’re on the subject of mentioning imperfections, I’m also a thief.  I steal anything and everything. Once I have it in my possession, forget about getting it back, it’s mine now.

I’m not really interested in playing with toys but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like to play.  My sister Maggie is great fun! We can romp around for hours. Lately, I’m not allowed to do much romping.  I have a boo boo foot. It happened a few days ago. It was very ouchy and bled a lot. Mom had to bring me to Bloomingdale Animal Hospital to have my foot bandaged.  They wrapped it in green so mom called me “pickle foot.”
The bandage fell off and now I’m more of a “lampshade head.”  Hope it heals soon so that I can get back to running around my backyard.  I am a true outdoorsman. I love being outside so much.

I love treats, especially Hills soft-baked treats.  If you offer me a treat, I will do my best trick. I give a “2 paw” shake.  Pretty cool, right?