Our veterinarians routinely perform surgery to repair wounds, remove tumors and treat conditions of the stomach, bowel, urinary tract, eyes and ears.  If specialized surgery is required, we use the safest and most advanced anesthesia in all procedures.  Special attention is paid to pain management through the use of safe and effective analgesic medication.

Complete Physical Examinations

The best way to keep your pet healthy is through the early detection of potential medical probems by making sure he gets periodic physical examinations by a trained veterinarian.  We offer three modern fully equipped exam rooms.


​Dental Care

​​ Under general anesthesia, we provide a comprehensive dental cleaning using an ultrasonic cleaner and polisher.
Each tooth is carefully examined, cleaned and polished.  Our doctors determine if there will be necessary tooth extractions.
Each patient is sent home with a toothbrush and toothpaste sample and instructions on brushing teeth at home.  Brushing teeth everyday is the best way to prevent the necessity for any future dental cleanings.  Daily tooth brushing can extend the life of your pet and the quality of life of your pet.

We stock a compete drug inventory so that all necessary medications can be dispensed for your pet before he leaves the office or hospital.

We carry prescription diet foods for cats and dogs, vitamin and mineral supplements and safe, veterinarian-approved flea, tick and heartworm products.

Boarding / Kennel

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We provide a clean, comfortable setting for your pet to stay with us while you are away.  Your pet will be walked 4 times per day by trained veterinary technicians.  If any veterinary care is needed, our doctors can prescribe the proper medications  and medical care.  Indoor and outdoor runs for large dogs, small and medium size cages for smaller breed dogs and a cat room for our feline friends.

Digital X-ray

Our digital X-ray system provides state of the art diagnostic imaging to help determine your pet's ailment.

At the doctor's discretion, the X-ray study can then be transferred to a radiology specialist for consultation.