Memories are the legacy of love,
our pets will remain in our hearts forever.

During this difficult time, we offer our support in the decision making process when  considering what is best for both you and your family.  
The act of saying goodbye is an important step in managing the natural and healthy feelings of grief, sorrow and sense of loss.
Your pet is an important part of your life and it is natural to feel you are losing a friend, because you are.

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Our Deepest Sympathy For Your Loss...





Working at an animal hospital, we witness the pain of loss often.  Each of us here have experienced the same heartache with our own pet.  We become emotionally attached to your pet too. Most time, we know your pet from when they were a puppy or kitten.   

I often get asked the question, "how will I know when it's time?'  Trust me, you will know.  In many cases, your pet may refuse to eat or drink, but what we all need to ask ourselves is, "what is the quality of my pet's life?"  Are they sleeping through the night?  If your pet no longer has any quality to his / her life, it's time.

We understand how painful this process is for you and your family.  The doctors and staff at Bloomingdale Animal Hospital will try to make this as comforting as possible.